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This department last updated 15 August 2006
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General Resources
Intelligence Centres --Stratfor.Com
News and Analysis sites for many countries of the world
Reports from Tourists all over the World, Pictures
Selected Articles from National Geographic Magazine
Library of Congress Country Studies
Virtual Tourist
People of Endangered Cultures: Photos and Anecdotes
Ethnic Minorities and Nationalist Movements
Centre for World Indigenous Studies
Survival International
Profiles, News, Photos, Various Languages
Kinship Terms and Types
Case Studies around the World
World Cultures by Region
Yahoo Peoples and Countries of the World
Yahoo Cultures and Countries
World Calendar
Various Calendars of Religions or Cultures of the World
Background Notes on Countries of the World: US State Department
World Area Studies
Western Connecticut State University: Extensive Links on all the world
Stanford University Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology
Searches on Peoples and Countries (Spanish/Galician)
All the Universities of the World!

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Some selected countries or regions


Albania and Albanians: Library of Congress Online info
Albanian Language and Culture
The Albanian Home Page

Southeast Asian Archive
Australian National University Asian Studies
World Wide Web Virtual Library Asian Studies
Heidelberg University Institute of China Studies
East Asia and China
Azerbaijan: Azerbaijani Reference Centre Azerbaijan flag
Azerbaijan: The Azerbaijan Pages

Aboriginal Studies Archive

CamNet Cambodia: Selected Web Sites
News, Travel, Other
Cambodian Cultural Profile
Brief Historical Summary
Cambodia Modern History
Daily News in Khmer and English
Streaming News on Cambodia, in English

Central Asia
Washington Post Center for Former USSR
Afghanistan: The Hazara People
Afghanistan Cultural Information Centre

China Society & Culture (Yahoo)
Stanford University -- China Documents
China Studies
Harvard-Yenching Library
Heidelberg University Institute of China Studies
China and East Asia
Chinese News Digest Server
General China information, economic, political, cultural

Excite Links on this Island Country in the Mediterranean
Outline Historical Summary of Cyprus
Republic of Cyprus Government
Greek Cypriot Culture
Cyprus Picture Gallery
The Cyprus Mail newspaper
Cyprus Tourism Organization
Internet.Cy Cyprus Directory
Maronite villages of Cyprus

Crete (Greece)
Ancient Minoan Crete

How Old is the Sphinx?
Cyber Journey to Egypt
Studies on Sinai Bedouins
Main host focus is on the life of Bedouin women. Links to many other sources on Bedouin and other cultures.
Dom Research Center: Gypsies in Egypt
Photo Tour of Select Sites

European Studies
European Culture and History
Center for Russian and Eastern European Studies
A Brief History of Western Culture
Basque: Web Site of Links for the Basque Peoples

The European Union

Vocabulary Translation List in the 11 Official Languages of the EU

Many Topics on Indian Culture, History and News
Extensive Links on the Culture of India

Iraq     New Links!
Iraq information Network
English and Arabic
The Economist
U.S. Dept. of State
CIA World Factbook
U.S. Dept. of State Background Notes
National Geographic

Virtual Jerusalem
"Totally Jewish" Site
Negev Bedouin

Contemporary and Traditional Culture
Japan Studies
Harvard-Yenching Library
The Japan Reference Page (Site)
The Southeast Asian Archve
Excellent Publications and Information Online

Cultural History of Jordan
The Bedouin of Jordan

Kashmir (India)

Korea Studies
Harvard-Yenching Library

Lebanon Online
Leb Net: Sites on Lebanon and other Middle Eastern Countries

Libya Our Home
Extensive Site on Libya
Peoples and Languages of Libya
Libya Site on Geocities


Middle East
The Digital Middle East
Center for Middle Eastern Studies
Includes Index for all Countries

Discover Nepal

Oman Studies Centre
Sultanate of Oman, Oman Net

Qatar Online

All About Russia
Center for Russian and Eastern European Studies
Adyge Republic, Russian Federation --
Russian History
Business Network (Russian)
Business Network (English)

Saudi Arabia
The Saudi Arabian Directory
Extensive History and Other

Scottish History, Genealogy, Slide Shows

Spain and its Cultures


45 years in the Turkish Village
Focus Online Magazine
The Kurdish Question

United Arab Emirates

Vanuatu: Vanuatu Online

The Arab World
Arab Net -- Many Countries and Cultures of the Middle East and Northern Africa
1001 Sites from The Arab World
Arabia Online
News, Technology, Culture, in the Arab World
Arab View
The Internet Home of Independent Arab Opinions
Islamic Resources Worldwide
Extensive Links: Universites, Study Centres, Country and Agency Pages
Encyclopaedia of the Orient
North Africa
Druze (Lebanon, Israel, Syria)

The Berber Peoples -- North Africa
World Amazigh (Berber) Congress
Links for each Berber People and Language
Amazigh Associations -- Directory
Amazigh in Libya
Berbers/Amazigh (In French)
Africa International: Issue on Berbers (in Spanish)
Links for each Berber People and Language
Berber History and Culture (in Spanish)
Information Centre for Berbers/Amazigh (in French)

Circassian People
Adyge Republic, Russian Federation --
Circassian (Adyghe and Kabardian)
Circassian People and Languages
Circassian Home Page

Evenki (Russia and China)

Romani.Org -- Romani History, Culture and Arts
Patrin: An extensive site about Romani (Gypsy) History and Culture
Aromanian -- Vlach (Romanian Speaking)
University of Liverpool -- Multiple Reference Links

Gypsy/Domari (Dom)
Dom Research Center
-- Domari in Northern Africa and the Middle East

Hazara People (Afghanistan)
Hazaragi Magazine: Culture, language, music, live radio (In Hazaragi, the language of the Hazaras)
Hazaragi Magazine: Culture, language, music, live radio (In English)
Click here to see the Hazaragi Magazine Online

Hutu and Tutsi

"Totally Jewish"
-- Jewish Culture, News, Interests
Diaspora Museum in Tel Aviv
Jewish Geneological Resources -- Free Newsletter

Exploring Kurdish Origins
Kurdish Information Network
Kurdish Worldwide Resources
Kurmanci, Kizilbash and Zaza
Religions among the Kurds
Turkey: The Kurdish Question
The Kurdish Peoples
An Ethno-linguistic and Religious Analysis

Manchu Studies: Harvard-Yenching Library

Nenets: Siberian Reindeer People

Mediterranean Cultures
List of Mediterrannean Virtual Publications
Mediterrannean Archaeology
Extensive List of Links on Mediterranean Archaeology

Ancient Minoan Crete
Focus on the World Magazine Online
Mediterranean Areas
Travel, Cultural, Historical Information

Indians Home Page
Links on specific peoples and historic places, people and events
Delaware (Lenape) Nation Home Page
Lakota (Sioux)
Religious Traditions
Various Native American Peoples
Cherokee People and Language
Extensive Links on all aspects of American Indians

The Saami (Lapp) People of Russia and Finland

The Tatar Gazette -- English, Tatar and Russian
Cultural and Educational Newspaper of the Mordovia Republic
Also Radio Broadcasts

Tutsi and Hutu

Zaza/Dimili and Alevis
Zaza and Alevis Web
Dimili or Zazaki People and Language
Ethnic Differentiation among the Kurds
Kurmanci, Kizilbash and Zaza

Other Peoples

Druze (Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria)
Indian Religions and Sects
Religions among the Kurds
World Religions Department of Virtual Research Centre

The Ethnologue
Authoritative Compendium of World Languages and the Peoples that Speak them

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