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Religions of the World
This department last edited on 20 March 2014

General Resources on Religions
BeliefNet: Interfaith Dialogue
Ongoing issues for Christians and Muslims

Rutgers Virtual Religion Index
Galaxy Religion Directory
Hundreds of links to religions
Religion and Belief
Extensive Information on World Religions
Faith and Values
Ongoing Series on September 11, Faith Group Responses, Muslims in America

Discussion Groups and Bulletin Boards on Spirituality and Religion.
Many world religions, modern Pagan religions. To visit this forum you will need to join Delphi, a free discussion forum service. Follow the instructructions on the first screen.

World Calendar
Various Calendars of Religions or Cultures of the World

Leading Theologians of North America
Links to their Profiles at their Schools
Search 12 Search Engines at Once!

Some selected religions or practices

Wiccan and other Pagan practices, various religious cults and faiths
Paganism and Wiccan on About.Com
Pagan/Wiccan Religion

Indian Religions
Indian Religions and Philosophy
Vedas: History and Thought

The Order of the Khalsa


Native American
Religious Traditions
Various Native American Peoples
Chinese Philosophy and Religion
Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism

Downloadable Scriptures and texts, Translations
A Web Journal on Zoroastrian Heritage
Islamic Texts And Resources
University of Buffalo
Arabic and Islamic Multimedia
Islamic Condemnation of Terrorism
Resources for Islam; Dialogue with Christianity; Newsletters
The Islamic World, News Sources and Issues
Musalmam: The Islamic Portal
Extensive links to information on the Islamic world

Islamic Resources on the Internet
Extensive Links: Universites, Study Centres, Country and Agency Pages
Concise Reply to Christians
Statement by a Christian Convert to Islam

Druze Faith
Druze (Lebanon, Israel, Syria)

Guide for Christians to talk to Muslims
Muslim-Christians Dialogue
Christian Web Pages interacting with Islam

Dharma Net
Zen Buddhism
The Electronic Bodhidharma
The International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism

Religions in America
Hallmark/Faith and Values Channel

Christian Mission in the World
Advocacy for World Peoples
Information Resources
Prayer Guide for Peoples of the World
Christian Web Directory
Mission Frontiers Web and Print Magazine
World Religion Database

Joshua Project People Profiles

Christian Theology and Research
Theological Research and Exchange Network
Search for Theses and Dissertations of Christian Theological studies, Church History and Related disciplines

Eastern Orthodoxy Index Page
Greek Orthodox Theory and Practice
Council of Calcedon 451, Official Papers Translated
Notes on Alexandrian Monophysiticism
"The Patriarchate of Alexandria down the centuries"
Egyptian Coptic Orthodoxy

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