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Languages of the World

This select collection of resources includes some broad resources and links on certain language groups.

This department last updated 15 April 2013
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General Resources
University Linguistics on the Internet
Yamada Language Guide
Directory of WWW Language Resources
Yamada Language Center, University of Oregon
Online Language Materials, Virtual Lab
Voice of America Streaming Webcasts in many languages
Directory of Online Language Web Sites
     Only "serious and useful sites"
List Language Turorials on the Internet
Selected Texts in Many World Languages
Lesson of the Day
     Several Languages, Phrases in RealAudio
How to Learn a Language and a Culture
     Guide to learning language and culture in a community setting.

Online Courses     Contains over 1300 links
Human Language Page     Approaches to distance language learning
Language Links, Many Languages -- University of Wisconsin Madison
Interactive Internet Language Learning
International Sites and Language Resources
All the Universities of the World!
The World Fact Book
        Profiles and Maps on all the Countries of the World
Multi-Language Resources
Languages and Linguistics    Yahoo List
Languages and Linguistics    Native Web List
Historical Linguistics
     Netscape Directory of Sites
     Language and Language Arts Resources
Ancient Scripts of the World
     Excellent Categorized Links on Historical Linguistics and Ancient Languages
Languages and Linguistics    Carnegie Mellon University
Travlang: Basic Language Course for Travelers in 70 Languages
Travlang: Look for any word in the 70 Languages to get the meaning in all the others
House of the Small Languages
        Multiple Links on the lesser known languages of the world
A Web of Online Grammars
Dictionaries of Languages and Information, Translations, Thesaurus, Writing Resources
  Dictionaries, Translations, Ancient Greek:
Dictionaries and other Resources in Many Languages
Real-time chat Translation
Language Connect -- Links to many language sites
Search 12 Search Engines at Once! Translation Website
        For Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese.
Language Force
Language translation software supporting 33 languages.
Vocabulary Translation List in the 11 Official Languages of the EU
African Languages
Indo-Aryan Languages
Languages of India
Native American Languages

Constructed (Artificial) Languages
Quetzal Language Resources
Language Systems Research
Spanish Page of Constructed Languages
Dead, lesser-known and constructed languages
Artifical Intelligence Engine and Directory of Artificial Intelligence

The Klingon Language Institute

List of Francophone Sites
French Language and Phonetics
Linguistics, French and Romance -- List of Sites
Caribbean Creole
Lexique de l'ancien francais
     Dictionary of Old French

Institute of Galician Language and Culture (Galego)
University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain (Trilingual Site)

Modern Greek Language Lessons in Real Audio
        With Dictionary and Spell Checker
Modern Greek Basic Lessons
       (If you cannot read the fonts of this site, you need to 
        enable your browser for Greek Language Fonts)
  Classical Greek: The Perseus Project, Tufts University
  Ancient Greek -- Also Dictionaries, Translations

Romani Union Page in Romani
Romani History, Culture and Arts
Hazaragi (Hazara) (Afghanistan)
Hazaragi Magazine
      Culture, language, music, live radio
      (In Hazaragi, the language of the Hazaras)
Click here to see the Hazaragi Magazine Online
Hazaragi Magazine: Culture, language, music, live radio (In English)

Hungarian Lessons and Information

Indo-European Languages
The Indo-European Database
United Sites of Indo-Europeans

Irish and Other Languages of Ireland
Historic texts
Basic Grammar and Vocabulary
Influence of Irish on English

Learn Japanese Free Online
Japanese-English Dictionary Online
Japanese Language and Linguistics
Extensive Information Links, Dictionaries of
Japanese and many languages, Japanese Software

Kabardian (Circassian) Language

Circassian People and Languages
Adyghe and Kabardian Language: Kabardian

Circassians Home Page
Circassian People and Languages in Many Countries

Daily News in Khmer and English

Kurdish Language and Linguistics
Kurmanji Online
Unified Kurdish/English Dictionary

Peoples and Languages of Libya

Ohio State University: Manchu Language

Ohio State University: Maori Language

New Guinea Pigin/Tok Pisin
Radio Australia
News Streaming Audio Broadcasts
Bislama, of Vanuatu

Association for Persian Language

Pahlavi (Middle Persian)
Pahlavi Script, Ancient Texts and Translations


Minority Languages in Russia
Web Site Index of Many Languages

The Saami (Lapp) People of Russia and Finland
Includes more links on this language

Waberi Radio: Somali Language Broadcasts

Study Spanish: Learn Spanish Online
¿Cómo se dice? -- web activities site
[these activities are designed to accompany Houghton-Mifflin's college Spanish text]

Online Swahili Radio Broadcasts

Swedish Language Course
Extensive links to other Swedish Sources

Short Introduction to Thai

The Tatar Gazette -- English, Tatar and Russian
Cultural and Educational Newspaper of the Mordovia Republic
Also Radio Broadcasts

Learning Practical Turkish

Language Pages from Language Connect
French Spanish German Italian Hebrew Japanese Chinese Tibetan Tagalog

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