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Documenting Your Findings

Conceptual Framework for Research

Worldview Summary, People Profile
-- Two primary documents in Research for Strategy --

Resource:  Worldview Investigation Summary

Worldview Investigation

The Worldview is Deeper and Broader Base of your Awareness
 Culture is based on Significant Shared Experiences --
Leading to a Shared Sense of Reality

Your Worldview Investigation attempts to discover and understand this
Shared Sense of Reality --
From formal sources or from the People themselves.

Collect Resources -- Team Effort -- Pooling Knowledge
Longer Term, Deeper, Ongoing
Discover Social Roles, Patterns of Relationship, Decision-Making Procedures

Identify People as they Are
Worldview Outline -- Learn the Thought-Forms and Social Structure

Resource:  People Profile

Profile is a Worldview Summary

Why?  To Guide You in Understanding them as they Understand themselves.

Shorter summary, May be easier to prepare early.
Revised as Worldview Investigatoin revelas more Deep-Level awareness.

Profile Template        Narrative Profile
                                 Status Questionnaire
                                 Country Data
                                 People Group Description
                                        (Background Questionnaire)

Background Questionnaire is a slimline Worldview outline

       Purpose:  To Know and Understand the People on their Own Terms

Various profiles in this format may been the Strategy Leader Resource Kit
You'll find Variations for Prayer Mobilization in various sources.
See People Teams
and Global12 Project (originally Bethany World Misison Prayer Center)

Identify People as they Are
Profile Template -- External (Physical) Culture, Social Structure
Prepare an Advocacy Brochure from your People Profile to elicit Advocacy partners for your people, from home church, partners, supporters.

Resource:  Country Profile

It may be helpful to prepare a general sumamry profile of countries relateed to the people group(s) you are profiling. This is especially helpful for advocates and homebase partners who are not in the cultural context.

It should also be helpful in orientation of team members or prospective members. View the Botswana profile in the accompanying profile set.

Country Profile Guide (MS Word)      General Summary of the Country

How to Publish Profiles

Web sites, filing with central offices.  
Newsletter updates to notify what is available.  
Email lists for interested partners, 
Advocacy supporters, SIL's church planting team partners 
Conferences, Advocacy newsletters by access teams (pg teams).  

Resources:  Research Portals

Strategy Leader Resource Kit (SLRK)     
Virtual Research Centre   
Global Research

Building Your Strategy

Profile Template
Worldview Summary Investigation
What is a People Group? Power Point Presentation
Research for Strategy Power Point Presentation
Worldview, Language and Culture
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