Research for Strategy
Building Your Strategy

Conclusion:  Summary Principles


              1.  Advocacy for the People -- Represent them to the (Christian)  World

              2.  Know them within their life/wordview --  Live and Learn

              3.  Research -- Systematic Information and Observations

              4.  Profile -- A Capsule Summary of the People and their  World

              5.  Strategy -- Worldview and Felt Needs Determine Strategy,  Access

              6.  Resources/Partnership --
                   What you need to implement worldview-driven strategy

Your Strategy is Not the Focus -- The People are.

With the People in Focus -- Live by Strategy


John Brady:  "We live where it is most strategic; not where there are resources."
OBJ:  "We live HOW it is most strategic; not where it is convenient or efficient."

Efficiency ~ Effectiveness

Live by Strategy:
Understanding, Advocating, Representing the People

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Research for Strategy
Orville Boyd Jenkins
16 October 2002
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