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Research Highlights 2
August 2000

Arabic Languages
90% of all Arabic speakers (outside Chadian and Sudanese) can be reached in 12 Arabic languages.
See a review of the Arabic Languages.

Who are the "Shami Sunni"?
S hami Sunni is a name found in some people lists. Sham is an ancient name for Assyria, the region of modern Syria, and specifically the area around Damascus.  Thus "Shami Sunni" seems to refer to Damascus area residents.  From information available, it appears that this term does not indicate a definitive people group (ethno-linguistic culture group).   But as with any distinct regional population group, this might be a valid focus segment for specific strategies.

People Name Confusion
The names of ethnic groups are often confusing and overlapping, and lead to different listings and confusion in lists and  profiles.  Some are listed by a second name also used for others.  More than one pg might be profiled as one.  Or they may be listed under an old name no longer used.

For example:

Beri: Southern Sudan, Chad
Name used for 2 different groupings including 3 different ethnic groups.
 1.  Bari (Beri), Sudan and Uganda, speaking a language called Bari, a Nilotic language (ROPAL BFA)
 2.  Zaghawa (Beri), Sudan and Chad, speaking Zaghawa (Beri), an Eastern Saharan language (ROPAL ZAG)
 3.  Bideyat, Sudan and Chad, speaking Bideyat (Beri), a language related to Zaghawa (ROPAL BIH)
Read the ROPAL entries for these peoples in the Ethnologue.
How do you deal with cities in a People Group approach?  Consider the suggestions in the article
Cities and Peoples, on the SLRK.

Is your team spread out?  How do you share documents, get input on materials, share strategy ideas?  How do you handle secure communication?  How can you have a more vital discussion and exchange?  Consider virtual teaming, through use of the internet, with free secure services, which enable you to share documents, transmit advocacy, conduct secure online discussions, within your team or with advocacy partners.

Some suggested resources.

Check out other resources in the Strategy Leader Resource Kit
 Find resource links on peoples and cultures at the Virtual Research Centre.
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