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Research Highlights 1
June 2000

An extensive review of the Cushite peoples was recently conducted.  Results indicate Cushite peoples are 50.  21 are Mega and Major in NAME region.  Others live in areas being served by other regions.  Read the full review on The Strategy Leader Resource Kit  (SLRK).

People Group Populations
In the countries of Northern Africa and the Middles East, there are about 50 people groups of populations from 1 million to about 45 million, only a handful in the 500-1 million and dozens in the 100k-500k range.

What is a People Group?
Read definitions and considerations on the SLRK

Various other cross-cultural resources are available on the Strategy Leader Resource Kit.

As a research consultant and resource person, I need to know what you know.  Thus I would like copies of your cultural profiles, worldview summaries or updated research with sources.  If you have info on a website, please send me the URL.  This can be added to the resource list in the SLRK.

FEATURE NEWS:  Egyptian Arabs
In reviewing the master people group database, I discovered that the figure given for the Coptic people of Egypt, about 6 million, are ALSO included in the figures for the Egyptian Arabs.  This reflects the numbers in the Ethnologue.

This occurred because the Ethnologue is a listing of languages, not peoples, while some other reference databases are an attempt to list ethnic peoples  (ethno-linguistic units) and their various social and religious segments.  Many problems exist in various people group lists because the Ethnologue entries have been taken to be people group listings.

Thus the total shown for Egyptian Arabic includes all speakers of Egyptian Arabic, including the Copts.  In an earlier version of a primary people group database, the figure for speakers of Egyptian Arabic had been entered as the total for Egyptian Arabs.  The Copts were listed with the Coptic language, which nobody has spoken for several centuries.

Thus entries will be adjusted to reflect the more correct figure.  Copts will be shown in the database under their ethnic name, with the language shown as Egyptian Arabic.

This is one kind of error being corrected through painstaking review, item by item, of the people group listings and extensive comparison and correlation of information from numerous sources, for the thousands of peoples.  Worldwide there are about 13,000 ethnic groups speaking various dialects of about 6800 languages.

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