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[TXT] Aspects of Biblical vs. Muslim Worldviews
[TXT] The Challenge of the Unreached Peoples
[TXT] Comfortably Uncomfortable
[TXT] Communication:  the Missionary Paradigm
[TXT] Communication Through Contract
[TXT] Cities and People Groups
[TXT] Communication Factors in Email
[TXT] Communication Strategy Across Cultures
[TXT] Culture, Learning and Communication
[TXT] Dealing with Ethnic and Linguistic Change:
        Overcoming Assumptions and Mis-
        Conceptions in People Group Strategies
[TXT] Dialogue in the Devil's Den
[TXT] Ethnicities and Names
[TXT] How to Do Research on the Web
[TXT] How to Use the Profiles and Worldview Instruments

[Series] How to Learn a Language and Culture: Index

[TXT] Introductory Perspectives
[TXT] Language as Worldview Window
[TXT]Learning as a Communication Event
[TXT] Philosophy of Language/Culture Learning
[TXT] Cultural Role and Language Proficiency
[TXT] Language in Society (Aspects of Language)
[TXT] Principles and Techniques of Language Learning
[TXT] Proficiency as Progress:  Defining Cross-Cultural Communication Competence
[TXT] Approaches to Language
[TXT] Transfer of Language Experience
[TXT] Philosophy of Proficiency Evaluation
[TXT] Vernaculars, Pidgins, Creoles And Lingua Francas in Worldview Perspective
[TXT] How We Determine “Ethnicity” (People Groups:  An Ethno-linguistic Definition)
[TXT] Language, Tribe and Ethnic Clusters:  Analyzing the Ndengereko Cluster in Tanzania
[TXT] Minimum People Group Size?
[TXT] "Nation" & "People" in Hebrew and Greek
[TXT] Orality and the Post-literate West
[TXT] Population Analysis of the Arabic Languages
[TXT] Peoples and Languages
[TXT] People Groups and the Homogeneous Unit Concept
[TXT] Quick Guide to Language Learning
[TXT] Race and Ethnicity in the Horn of Africa
[TXT] Religion and Ethnicity
[TXT] Strategy for Multi-Cultural People Groups
[TXT] Summary of the Cushite Peoples
[TXT] The Kurdish Peoples
[Text] Sharing and Comparing People Group Information:
        Standardizing Ethnic Data in the Face of Real-World Ethnic Complexity
[TXT] Situational Storying
[TXT] Stories and Storytelling:  Communicating the Gospel in an Oral Culture
[TXT] Toward a Model of Assimilation
[TXT] What is a People Group?
[TXT] What is Preaching?    
[TXT] What Factors Make a People Group Distinct?

[Series] Worldview Perspectives

[TXT] Culture and Experience
[TXT] How Do You Know?
[TXT] Cognitive and Social Culture
[TXT] Worldview Noise in Communication
[TXT] Worldview in Language:  Language and Thought
[TXT] Worldview in Language:  Identity and Relationship

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