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Joshua Project 2000 - Priority 1 Peoples
In the Arabian Peninsula


Of the 1739 Joshua Project 2000 peoples, a priority based list of 216 peoples has been designated as most needing a church planting effort.

The Priority field is an attempt to rank these peoples according to ministry need. The scale is from 1 (highest priority) to 9 (lowest priority). This ranking was generated by a weighted factoring of the following five items in the Joshua Project data (percent shows weight):

Percent Evangelical - 30%
Church Status - 25%
Ministry Tools (availability of Bible, Radio, Audio and "Jesus" film) - 20%
Agency Work - 15%
Population - 10%

For example, a group with no known evangelicals, no known churches, no ministry tools, no agency work and a large population would receive a priority of 1. This is admittedly an imperfect system as the unknown data tends to skew a ranking toward a higher priority than may be actually true. (Source: AD2000 & Beyond International Office.)

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People Group Country Language Population
Bedouin Arab Saudia Arabia Najdi Arabic 3,000,000
Mahra Oman Mahri 109,000
Mahra (Mehri) Yemen Mahri (Mehri) 294,000
Saudi Arab Oman Gulf Arabic 50,000
Sokotri Yemen Soqotri 80,000
Shahara Saudi Arabia Shahari 34,000
Yemeni Arab Saudi Arabia Taizi-Adeni 500,000

Prepared by Orville Boyd Jenkins, Ed.D., Ph.D.
Research Consultant
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