Megapeoples of the Arabian Peninsula

By Country and Language

The following are the ethnolinguistic peoples of the Arabian Peninsula with a population of 1 million or more.

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People Country Language Population
Bedouin Saudi Arabia Najdi Arabic 7,000,000
Egyptian Arab (Egypt) Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Total: 42,500,000
  UAE   120,000
  Saudi Arabia   325,000
Gulf Arab (Iraq 40,000)

(Iran 200,000)

Gulf Arabic Total: 2,340,000
  Bahrain   100,000
  Kuwait   500,000
  Oman   441,000
  Qatar   103,000
  Saudi Arabia   200,000
  UAE   744,000
  Yemen   10,000
Omani Oman Omani Arabic 1,200,000
Saudi Arab Saudi Arabia Hijazi Arabic 6,000,000*
Yemeni Yemen Sanaani Arabic 7,600,000
Yemeni (Djibouti 52,000)

(Eritrea 18,000)

(Kenya 10,000)

Taiz-Adeni Arabic Total: 6,840,000
  Yemen   6,760,000

*Note: An error occurs in the AD 2000 list due to an uncorrected error that previously counted the Baggara (Sudan) with the Hassaniya due to a language naming confusion. This gave a highly inflated population figure compared to the Ethnologue published figure given here. OBJ)

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